Christina Batman


Christina has over 20 years of experience working with clients that have high level expectations. Countless brands in the luxury industry have chosen Christina’s elegant voice to represent their products.

Her vocal tones can move from bright and effervescent to suave and velvety.

Christina has a gift for telling a story with the tones of her voice, she can embody extra depth and gravitas or uplift and brighten your content to bring an entirely new dimension to your product.

Her vibrant delivery has been appreciated for signature films, brand building films and web communication by clients such as Givenchy , L’Oréal, Jimmy Choo, Nissan, Christian Dior, and many others.


Since the beginning of her career as a voice-over artist, Christina has been an obvious choice for documentary film makers that are looking for the perfect voice to carry the narration of their films.

She has a particular love for the realm of the documentary. With her outstanding brand of vocal intelligence she can add authority and vocal wisdom to your documentary projects.

She has covered so many interesting subjects ranging from documentaries about science, architecture, the history of art , social anthropology, cinéma and pop culture.

She particularly enjoyed working with people like the director Anne Andreu on the documentaries « Cinema Goes to Dinner » and « Humbert Balsan, producteur rebelle ». Just recently she voiced the French expert on Chimpanzees, Sabrine Krief for the Documentary, Kromdraai.


For over ten years Christina was the English speaking voice for the television channel , for 3 of those years she also provided the French vocal identity.

Mezzo is a leading international tv channel dedicated to classical music, jazz and dance. In her time at Mezzo Christina developed a deep relationship to the world’s classical music and dance scene.

She continues to voice films for the classical music world, most recently she had the pleasure of voicing a new series about the history of baroque music.


Over the years Christina has had great fun voicing a diverse spectrum of characters in the gaming and cartoon industry. Most recently she played one of the leading roles, Mathilda in the cartoon the Pirates Next Door.

She has worked for Ubisoft many times, an example is on the game Rayman Origins where she played the multiple Nymph characters in Pig Latin!

She is also known for her portrayal of the President of the United States in Quantic Dream’s game Detroit. President Warren, that she based on a hybrid mix of Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and as a secret addition to the blend, a British Intelligence android, caused much conjecture and outrage amongst gamers who either hate the character or love the idea of a female president!

Christina’s latest  game portrayal, coming out soon, is the character of Junta Steinhof, a very endearing 90 year old double agent, in the game Syberia.


Here’s a small selection of songs that Christina has done for film and advertising!